A Fairy Tale

I wrote this book for my daughter, Charlene over 30 years ago, when she was a small child. She did have a a best friend, Traci (who is still her best friend) and she did talk to faeries. The gorgeous illustrations were done by L. Ann Hollingsworth.

The Fairies teach a little girl how to believe in herself. Lots of fantasy art to delight your child.

This book is also available in print and Kindle on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

Reviews-I love that Katrina wrote this story for her daughter when she was growing up. I have both a hard copy and a kindle copy now. The story is such a sweet one & I am looking forward to someday sharing A Fairy Tale with a child or youth so that they can see they never have to be alone & if they open their eyes there is more to this world than most people see. -RainC

My daughter, Brooke tells everyone about your books. She told her grandmother the other day that she knows this lady who makes children’s books and she even sent me pages to color from the books. I am a big fan of hers. You have a big fan in Florida.-NicholeA


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