Ancient Echoes

This is my second published book, but I had been writing this book for several years. The wonderful cover design was done by L. Ann Hollingsworth, who also did my children’s books. It is a Paranormal/Romance/Fantasy and is not suitable for those under 18 as it has sexual content.

She could hear and feel a heavy body thud onto the bed above her. Breathing, a raspy breathing, so loud it was deafening. She could hear the creature, the demon, whatever the hell it was, sniffing around on the bed. Looking for her, seeking her. Phaedra lay there in the dark, under her bed, breathing quietly, trying to get her senses and trying to decide the best course of action. She heard the noise of the bedsprings and knew she must do something, anything, and quickly. She began crawling on all fours towards the walk-in closet, perhaps finding some shelter there. The thing had landed on the floor behind her. She could hear sniffing and the padding of feet, behind her it felt like it was following her. As she entered the closet she swung the door shut behind her, but something stopped it and blocked it from closing as it remained ajar. Now she could see eyes glowing in the dark, peeking through the half open door. Eyes glowing, yellow eyes, she froze in fear, her breath taken from her.

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Reviews-The story is so intriguing with an impeccable plot. Extremely detailed and well written! I loved its mystical/fantasy base that the author was easily able to draw me in and capture my imagination. (I look forward to reading more from this author)- Marcia Carter

I really enjoyed this book. Katrina Bowlin-MacKenzie did a wonderful job of bringing the characters, places and other details to life. I felt like I was right there. I can’t wait to read her next book.-Carolyn Tellers


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